Our Story

In 2001, Insight was formed with a simple yet straightforward goal: Improve the lives of historically underserved and economically disadvantaged populations through research. Specifically, we wanted to provide the best policy research in a practical, user-friendly way by supporting federal and state programs that serve these populations.

The Early Years

Starting her career as a statistician with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Census Bureau, Anne Peterson collected and analyzed data to create comprehensive reports that helped Congress and other federal agencies make program decisions. As a health policy and finance lead for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Health Resources and Services Administration, Bryan Johnson worked to build federal safety net programs, assess their performance, and report findings to Congress. Empowered by their perspectives gained from early experiences in the federal sector and informed by their subsequent experience evaluating federal programs in the private sector, Anne and Bryan created Insight as a powerful instrument to address the needs of those they wished to serve.

The Present

We are driven by the following vision:

  1. What we do matters.
  2. We are part of something meaningful that is much larger than ourselves.
  3. We can change the lives of others through striving for excellence in every endeavor.

Our work continues and builds on the strong foundation we created a two decades ago—addressing issues affecting historically underserved and economically disadvantaged populations; providing rigorous research and evaluation support; effectively translating research into practice; and developing practical, user-friendly reports. Today, through a combination of researchers and technical assistance providers, Insight reaches thousands of policymakers, practitioners, educators, and beneficiaries of policies.

Our success results directly from taking on work we are passionate about and consistently exceeding client expectations. This is the Insight way.