Core Services

Data and Improvement

At Insight, our approach to data and improvement is rooted in our foundation as a rigorous research organization. Drawing on our team of experienced researchers and practitioners, we incorporate cutting-edge and proven research findings to tailor our technical assistance. We have worked with clients to successfully develop, scale up, and improve programs and to build capacity for long-term program sustainability. We provide analytic, evaluation, dissemination, implementation, and process management technical assistance.

  • Training, Coaching, and Facilitation

    We develop trainings, workshops, and learning modules with clear goals and ensure participants are engaged through hands-on activities. We draw on our team’s expertise in adult learning pedagogy and substantive expertise in many content areas when developing tailored professional learning.

  • Learning Collaboratives and Communities of Practice

    We facilitate conversations and provide in-person or virtual meeting spaces for groups to learn from one another and ask questions of subject matter experts.

  • Best Practice Guides

    We review research and case studies to identify best practices and translate research findings into actionable steps.

  • Data Catalogs

    In response to stated needs and questions, we identify potential data sources and catalog information about existing variables, ways of linking data across years and data sources, and how to identify gaps.

  • Materials Development

    To aid in knowledge diffusion and support practitioners, we develop rubrics, toolkits, technical guides, practitioner modules, and survey instruments.

  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement

    We have strong experience coordinating with and convening stakeholders on a variety of topics. We work with stakeholders and communities to understand the multiple dimensions of policy issues, develop reports, and make recommendations.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Using rigorous mixed methods, we assess the practicality of implementing programs, plans, or policies.

  • Process Management and Support

    We analyze our clients’ business structures and review procedures, help coordinate their processes, and recommend system changes to improve efficiencies.

  • Quality Management Systems

    We work with organizations to ensure they have the necessary data systems, training, and human resources as they implement quality management systems.

  • Strategic Planning

    We work with private and government clients to help set common goals, define measurable outcomes, and create focused plans with defined resources and clear action steps.

  • Monitoring

    We help clients develop systems to track activities and progress indicators.

Featured Projects

Feasibility of Implementing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

Through a series of site visits, administrative data analysis, cost assessment, and a microsimulation model, Insight assessed the administrative, financial, technical, and other changes that would be necessary to implement SNAP in the CNMI and described barriers and alternatives to implementing such changes.

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West Virginia Workforce Readiness Alliance

Insight worked closely with members of the West Virginia Department of Education to create an evaluation plan that could use existing data to answer questions about the implementation and outcomes of the Simulated Workplace initiative. We also worked with a group of instructors to support implementation of the Simulated Workplace in their schools.

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Child Nutrition Access and Accountability Through Technology Initiative

Insight is developing materials for and delivering training to federal, state, and local program staff to improve program outcomes at this important annual national event.

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