The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act Effective Strategies Report to Congress

Retinal Prostheses in the Medicare Population

Project Overview Insight assessed risks and outcomes associated with retinal prosthetic sight restoration technology in the Medicare population. Retinal prostheses might significantly improve the eyesight of severely visually impaired patients with retina-related vision loss, including macular degeneration. Such improvements might enhance health-related quality of life and daily living activities measures for these patients. Recent technological[...]

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Personal Health Information Management and the Design of Consumer Health Information Technology

Project Overview This project characterized the methods individuals use to manage their health information, establish an action agenda for how personal health information management (PHIM) practices can be supported by health information technology (IT), and proposed recommendations for moving the agenda forward. The research informed the design of effective consumer health IT systems by identifying[...]

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Phase II of a Longitudinal Program Evaluation of HHS Healthcare-Associated Infections National Action Plan

Project Overview In 2009, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) instituted the National Action Plan to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) as a systematic effort to reduce HAIs and associated morbidity, mortality, and costs. Under this contract, Insight expanded on an iterative longitudinal evaluation of the plan, which included quality improvement activities and[...]

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