2008 Alcohol Attitudes and Behavioral Survey

Project Overview

This project assessed the status of drinking and driving attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors among the U.S. driving-age public (with particular attention to young adult drivers aged 16–24). The study used the 2008 National Survey of Drinking and Driving Attitudes and Behaviors. Data were collected by Gallup using a stratified RDD sample design, supplemented with an independent sample of cell phones.

Insight tabulated data from the 7,000 respondents to examine differences in drinking and driving attitudes and behaviors across a variety of sociodemographic factors. The study team implemented bivariate statistical testing using the software SUDAAN to identify differences by race/ethnicity, age, and gender. The team also ran six logistic regression analyses to explore the extent to which each of the variables could predict a specific behavior (e.g., likelihood of drinking and driving; intervening or not intervening to stop drinking and driving) or knowledge of the laws about alcohol use (e.g., awareness of the minimum drinking age).

As part of the methodology report, Insight directed (1) an analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of a $10 cash incentive to cell phone respondents to increase survey response rates and (2) a nonresponse bias study to test for differences in key variables between respondents and nonrespondents. The final reports helped the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration track trends in the nature and scope of the drinking-driving problem. The reports also informed education and communication activities that aim to reduce drinking and driving by identifying issues in need of further attention.