Administrative Data Research and Analysis

Project Overview

The Department of Labor’s (DOL) Chief Evaluation Office (CEO) provides essential analytic and evaluation support to DOL’s operating agencies. One of CEO’s key roles is to assist these agencies with analysis of administrative data, data from related programs, and survey data. These analyses facilitate measurement of performance, identify characteristics of program participants and other populations, reveal factors affecting program performance, and improve data quality to ensure accuracy of findings.

For this project, Insight provides support to DOL agencies overseeing worker protection and employment and training programs. Specific tasks include the following:

  • Define the research questions and methodological approaches to address them.
  • Acquire, prepare, and document program administrative data.
  • Conduct statistical analyses using state-of-the-art techniques in data science and analytics to predict outcomes.
  • Automate reports and data pulls.
  • Use rapid cycle evaluations to identify what works.
  • Monitor program performance/program changes in real time using dashboards.
  • Report and disseminate findings.

Stakeholders and audiences include agency officials, researchers, and the general public.


Final reports, issue briefs, and infographics