AHRQ’s National Nursing Home COVID-19 Coordinating Center

Project Overview

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (AHRQ) National Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network (the Network) provides training to nursing homes nationwide on preventing and containing COVID-19. To complement and support this work, AHRQ established the Nursing Home COVID-19 Coordinating Center (NHCCC). NHCCC’s tasks include engaging scientific and policy stakeholders to identify needs and best practices to inform the Network’s activities and content, developing and disseminating quality improvement tools and other resources for the Network, and assessing the Network’s success.

Insight leads the stakeholder engagement task of this contract and contributes to the Network assessment. After developing and delivering a stakeholder engagement plan, Insight worked closely with AHRQ to identify and recruit participants for three workgroups: (1) a federal partners workgroup consisting of representatives from various agencies within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; (2) a Technical Expert Panel of individuals with expertise in clinical and research areas relevant to COVID-19 and nursing homes; and (3) a nursing home stakeholder group of leaders from professional organizations representing providers, nursing home residents, and staff. Participants were recruited strategically in coordination with AHRQ to ensure a diverse range of perspectives. For each workgroup, we lead the following activities:

  • Manage virtual meeting logistics (e.g., scheduling, issuing invitations, setting up Zoom platform).
  • Develop meeting agendas and propose specific discussion topics for each meeting.
  • Identify and prepare meeting materials.
  • Draft meeting summaries.
  • Maintain regular communication with members of each group.

At the end of this work, Insight will draft and submit a report synthesizing nursing home COVID-19 activities discussed across all meetings, including input on the Network’s training work, and recommendations for COVID-19 resources nursing homes need.


Final report