Barriers to Veteran Entrepreneurship

Project Overview

Veteran entrepreneurs provide important contributions to the U.S. economy as business owners and as those who have served the nation. However, little has been known about veteran entrepreneurs—and even less about millennial post-9/11 veteran entrepreneurs. With declining rates of entrepreneurship across the country, the Small Business Administration sought to understand the barriers and challenges to entrepreneurship for veteran entrepreneurs.

For this project, Insight—

  • Synthesized the literature on veteran entrepreneurship
  • Developed and tested hypotheses using descriptive statistics, statistical tests, and logistic regression models
  • Used data from the American Community Survey to examine how millennial post-9/11 veteran entrepreneurs differ from (1) veteran entrepreneurs from other generations, (2) millennial post-9/11 veterans who are not entrepreneurs, and (3) their millennial nonveteran entrepreneur peers

The project provided foundational knowledge on millennial post-9/11 veteran entrepreneurs and the barriers they may face in pursuing entrepreneurship. Results included a peer-reviewed manuscript analyzing the characteristics of millennial post-9/11 veteran entrepreneurs compared with other groups and these barriers to entrepreneurship.


Final report, infographic