Campus-Based Childcare: An Understudied Innovation in Postsecondary Success

Project Overview

While no rigorous experimental research has explored the role of childcare on the outcomes of undergraduate college student parents, descriptive evidence suggests access to affordable childcare is critical. Insight is studying the feasibility of conducting a rigorous evaluation of campus-based childcare programs. The proposed feasibility study will result in the design of a rigorous follow-up evaluation, consisting of either a randomized control trial (RCT) or quasi-experimental design, designed to study the impact of these centers. Insight, along with The Institute for Women’s Policy Research, will produce a publication based on findings from the feasibility study, including the impact of operating campus childcare centers on the persistence, retention, and completion rates of college student parents, relative to other potential interventions.

Specifically, Insight is—

  • Identifying the target population
  • Estimating the size of the sample that can be evaluated
  • Assessing treatment contrast
  • Scanning for alternative potential sites for the follow-up evaluation
  • Determining the viability of an RCT through the addition of classroom
  • Gauging the appropriateness of alternative evaluation models


Publication on operations of campus childcare centers (anticipated August 2020); evaluation design report (anticipated December 2020)