Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Office of Minority Health Analytical Support

Project Overview

This study explored whether and how a business case could be made for addressing health equity and disparities. For the purposes of this project, a “business case” was identified as an investment in a socially responsible action (e.g., reducing health disparities) that also promised the investing entity financial return within a reasonable timeframe through cost reduction, increased revenues, or both.

In collaboration with L&M Policy Research, Insight conducted formative research to assess the current state of research, methods, and approaches for building a business case for health equity through stakeholder analyses. Discussions with stakeholders provided a basis for current business case efforts and gaps that remained.

As part of the research, Insight—

  • Conducted environmental scans and needs assessments
  • Identified federal stakeholders for interviews
  • Designed and developed interview protocols for federal stakeholder discussions
  • Collected, interpreted, and analyzed data obtained from stakeholder interviews
  • Prepared annual reports to provide options and recommendations for developing a business case for health equity

The results of this evaluation supported the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services through the business case selection process and helped develop a plan to implement the chosen option.


Annual reports (2015, 2016, 2017)