Cross-HRSA Communication and Training Tools on Health Information Technology and Quality Improvement

Project Overview

Health information technology (HIT) is viewed widely as the solution to the Nation’s problem of spiraling costs of health care and as a way to improve the quality and safety of medical care delivery. Workforce development is a key strategy in achieving meaningful use of HIT, and health care providers and administrative staff need training and support that is tailored to their roles, particularly for those in safety net settings serving vulnerable populations. For this 2-year project, Insight provided leadership and technical assistance in the areas of communication, outreach, dissemination, evaluation, and analysis to support the technical needs and education of all HRSA grantees in moving toward using HIT as a tool for improving quality of care.

Insight provided:

  • Communication and technical assistance resources that included developing Web pages tailored to the technical assistance needs of safety net providers, providing strategic advice, and conducting end-user testing
  • Management, hosting, and conduct of monthly Webinars that provided information, resources, and assistance to thousands of attendees; support included operations, stakeholder evaluation, data analysis, and strategic guidance and planning
  • Online toolbox support that included the redesign, upgrade, and functionality testing of existing toolboxes

Selected topics addressed included:

  • Patient Charting and Documentation: Using an EHR for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
  • Meaningfully Using Computerized Order Entry
  • Using Clinical Decision Support in Safety Net Provider Settings
  • Using an EHR for Health Information Exchange and Interoperability
  • Using an EHR to Create Patient Problem Lists
  • AHRQ Continuing Education Resources for Safety Net Health Professionals
  • Preparing Safety Net Providers for ICD-10
  • Telehealth for Safety Net Providers
  • USDA Health IT and Broadband Opportunities for Safety Net Providers
  • Federal Communications Commission Support for Community-Based Health IT
  • Health IT Tools for Veterans
  • Financing for Health IT Infrastructure and Broadband
  • Data Sharing Among Safety Net Providers

Core Activities

Technical Assistance; Qualitative Research; Semi-Structured Interviews; Knowledge Transfer


Products include monthly Webinars and related summary reports, a complete revision of HRSA’s HIT Web site pages, and ad-hoc reports and analyses as needed.