Evaluation of the Coverage to Care (C2C) Initiative

Project Overview

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services launched its From Coverage to Care Initiative (C2C) in 2014 to help the newly insured understand what it means to have health insurance, how to find a provider, and when and where to seek health services. The initiative also aims to educate consumers about the importance of prevention and partnering with a provider. Beyond promoting consumers’ understanding of insurance and connection to care, C2C engages with stakeholders—including providers, payers, navigators, coalitions, and community and social service agencies—that play critical roles in supporting consumers. Insight is partnering with the RAND Corporation to evaluate the C2C Initiative.

Insight conducted in-depth interviews with key informant stakeholders from community-based organizations as well as health care consumers to help guide development of an evaluation of the C2C Initiative.

Key research questions and topics addressed through these interviews follow:

  • How did organizations learn of C2C?
  • How are organizations using C2C materials?
  • Describe the spread and uptake of C2C within the communities served by these organizations and to other organizations who serve newly insured or disadvantaged populations.
  • What impact, if any, have organizations seen for consumers?
  • What suggestions do organizations have for how to strengthen the dissemination, the spread, the uptake, and the effective implementation of C2C?
  • What do consumers think of C2C materials? How do they use the materials?

Findings from the stakeholder interviews will help guide the development of a comprehensive evaluation plan for assessing the effectiveness and the impact of C2C.

Core Activities

Semistructured Interview Guide Development; Interview Participant Recruitment; Semistructured Interviews; Evaluation Design


From Coverage to Care Stakeholder Interviews: Task 1.3 Results (briefing held May 2016)