Geriatrics Training and the Future Effect on the Nursing Workforce

Project Overview

Insight assisted the National Advisory Council on Nursing Education and Practice (NACNEP) in analyzing the state of geriatric healthcare and the effects of the aging population on the nurse workforce. NACNEP advises Congress and the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on policy issues related to the Title VIII programs administered by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Bureau of Health Professions’ Division of Nursing, including nurse workforce supply, education, and practice improvement.

NACNEP’s report Geriatrics Training and the Future Effect on the Nursing Workforce addressed the current condition of the nursing workforce and the future of nursing care in the United States and discussed the implications of the growing geriatric population and corresponding care needs. Through expert testimony and direct research, the report explored the current state of the geriatric population in the United States, improvements needed in geriatric nurse education and practice, development of evidence-based models of practice in the care of the elderly, best practices in geriatric nursing, best practices in geriatric nurse education, and implications of the nursing workforce shortage on geriatric nurse education and practice.

The report outlined recommendations and justifications for the direction and funding of HRSA’s Title VIII Nursing programs based on NACNEP’s findings. These recommendations included building nurse education programs that increase the geriatric capabilities of nurses, supporting clinical and programmatic approaches that provide geriatric care experiences, ensuring the provision of culturally competent geriatric nursing care, supporting the development of interdisciplinary collaborative care partnerships, and using the identification and evaluation of clinical outcomes as a basis for determining best practice models of geriatric nursing care.  This report was provided to the Secretary of HHS and Congress.


Final report, The Critical Need for Geriatric Nursing Care (November 2004) available by request from NACNEP at