Long-Term Care Survey: Process, Operational Support, and Analysis

Project Overview

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) developed and tested a new long-term care survey process for nationwide use that will replace the Quality Indicator Survey (QIS), previously used by 27 states and the District of Columbia for nursing home inspections. This project provides support to CMS in the implementation of the new system and the streamlined close-out of the QIS. Earlier, Insight, along with collaborators at the University of Colorado at Denver (UCD), worked closely with CMS and other experts for several years to plan and test the new survey process. The new survey complies with the Final Rule to Reform the Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities of 2016.

As part of this project, Insight and UCD are—

  • Providing technical assistance and training to state and Regional Offices on the new survey process
  • Conducting onsite survey report visits
  • Providing help desk support to respond to inquiries related to the new survey
  • Reviewing materials and providing training on new software releases
  • Processing, organizing, and analyzing data from the new survey
  • Identifying and addressing survey process concerns and ensuring improvements to the new survey system
  • Monitoring compliance with security and research requirements
  • Monitoring changes in policies that may mandate revisions or refinements to the new survey process


Interim and final reports