Military Family Research Services: Millennium Cohort Family Study

Project Overview

To support the Deployment Health Department at the Naval Health Research Center (NHRC), Insight conducts multiple projects designed to assess the risk and protective factors for military family well-being and evaluate the interventions that could promote family well-being in military populations. These include the Millennium Cohort Family Study and the Military Community and Family Policy Healthy Steps program of the current Department of Defense (DoD) pilot ongoing at DoD military treatment facilities.

Insight assists and supports NHRC in developing and implementing methods of studying longitudinal family risk and protective factors and identifying important effective components of treatment of intervention programs through prospective cohort evaluations. Using data from the Millennium Cohort Family Study, Insight produces a series of collaborative manuscripts identifying longitudinal military family risk and protective factors to address key scientific, operational, and policy research questions necessary to support the resiliency of military families.

For this project, Insight is—

  • Developing research questions responsive to DoD directives, stakeholder interests, and gaps in academic knowledge about military families
  • Synthesizing relevant literature and drafting analytic plans
  • Analyzing Millennium Cohort Family Study survey data and other relevant data
  • Developing academic manuscripts for peer review
  • Submitting and publishing manuscripts in an academic peer-reviewed publication and disseminating information to relevant stakeholders and military leaders


Manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed academic journals