Regional Educational Laboratory–Appalachia: West Virginia’s Workforce Readiness Alliance

Project Overview

Insight served as a subcontractor to CNA Corporation to provide research assistance with respect to the programs and initiatives within the Regional Educational Laboratory–Appalachia (REL-Appalachia). Insight leads the West Virginia Workforce Readiness Alliance (WVWRA).

Insight is working with members of WVWRA to design a research agenda that will show how the College of Technical Education (CTE) prepares students for the workforce, and that will help educators, students, parents, and industry partners to understand authentic workforce development. The Simulated Workplace initiative is a partnership between West Virginia’s Division of Technical and Adult Education Services, business/industry, higher education, and K– 12 educators, where high school students are immersed in real workplace environments.

Insight is working on a series of projects to:

  • Analyze implementation data collected in fall 2014 and spring 2015.
  • Provide guidance on additional data collection needs.
  • Design a rigorous evaluation of the Simulated Workplace initiative on student outcomes.

Additionally, Insight is working with educators and administrators across West Virginia to support a community of practice that addresses a myriad of critical educational issues, including:

  • Creating schoolwide cultural change
  • Increasing student engagement and leadership
  • Transitioning instructors to become facilitators in the classroom

Core Activities

Evaluation Design; Implementation Evaluation; Secondary Data Analysis; Policy Analysis and Assessment; Report Development and Presentation


  • Evaluation plan for examining the impact of Simulated Workplace on student outcomes
  • Implementation analysis of scaling up of Simulated Workplace
  • Support for a Community of Practice