Self-Contained Health IT Training Modules

Project Overview

The goal of this project was to help train Community Health Centers (CHCs) and other providers to meet the challenges of selecting and migrating to an electronic system as they move to, and adopt meaningful use of, electronic health records (EHRs). Each medical setting must have a clinician champion as well as a team of health care professionals with training in informatics to support the workflow redesign and challenges of selecting and migrating to an electronic system. This project was spurred in part as a response to various studies that identified a need for at least 50,000 additional qualified health information technology (HIT) workers to assist hospitals, CHCs, and physicians as they move to adopt and meaningfully use EHRs.

The focus of this project was threefold:

  • Assess target audience and needs among CHCs for training among current staff. This included a review of meaningful use (MU) site assessments, site visits at CHCs, development of profiles of current staff and training needs, and assembly and input from a CHC advisory panel.
  • Review roles and skills matrices to identify applicability, need for adaption, and gaps to meet CHC models.
  • Develop and deliver a set of training modules and videos to 1) introduce high school students to HIT, MU, and related career opportunities; 2) introduce other audiences to careers in HIT; and 3) develop educational modules overviewing MU requirements and implementation considerations from the CHC perspective.

For this project, Insight provided support to the Alliance of Chicago, which helped design and produce the health IT training modules.

Core Activities

Media Production; Training; Technical Assistance; Advisory Committee Support; Literature Reviews; Environmental Scans


  • HIT careers video for CHCs (May 2012)
  • HIT careers video for high school students (May 2012)
  • Training modules (July 2012):
    • “What is HIT?” for CHC staff
    • “Key Roles in Implementing an EHRS in CHCs”
    • “Key Roles in Managing and Optimizing an EHRS in CHCs”
  • Summary report for training modules (August 2012)