SNAP Internal Comprehensive Review

Project Overview

Insight is providing technical assistance to the District of Columbia Department of Human Services’ Economic Security Administration and Department of Health Care Finance to help determine whether the District is in compliance with federal and District program requirements related to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The results will inform and prioritize corrective actions throughout social service agencies in the District.

The overall goal is to conduct a comprehensive review of DC’s compliance with federal SNAP regulations, including SNAP eligibility and benefit determinations for initial certification and recertification. Our team of program policy experts works directly with the District staff to identify areas where the District is in and out of compliance with federal and local Employment Standards Act public benefit program requirements. Specifically, we are developing instruments and conducting—

  • Client case reviews
  • System test cases
  • Caseworker observations of active and negative SNAP cases
  • Eligibility and administrative staff interviews
  • Policy document reviews

Data will be analyzed and presented in a comprehensive final report, including document review findings and contract review summaries and lists of items for which SNAP administration is compliant and noncompliant.


Final report