SNAP Process Improvement for New Mexico

Project Overview

Insight provided technical assistance to the New Mexico Human Services Department Income Support Division to review their SNAP certification documents and notices for compliance with federal program requirements and provide recommendations for notice improvement. The overall goal was to ensure improvements were made, with an expectation of fewer missed interviews and client errors, reduced churn and administrative costs, and improved timeliness and efficiency.

Specifically, Insight—

  • Performed in-depth analysis on the current work processes and function of the SNAP notices in New Mexico
  • Developed a Notice Review Tool to guide a systematic and comprehensive review of the SNAP notices for conformity with federal policy requirements and application of best practices in readability, comprehension, and presentation for both English- and Spanish-speaking SNAP customers
  • Conducted in-person site visits to collect qualitative data through interviews and focus groups with SNAP staff and clients and conduct job shadowing to understanding the processes behind the notices
  • Reviewed 14 SNAP sample notices and notice storyboards
  • Developed 15 detailed recommendations and provided leadership for two Joint Application Design sessions to implement suggested recommendations
  • Engaged in process improvement efforts with state staff to identify bottlenecks and streamline efficiencies in effectively communicating with SNAP customers regarding the SNAP notices


Final report containing recommendations for specific improvements to 14 SNAP notices; assessment tools: Notice Review Tool; briefings