Take Time to Care Within the Hispanic Community

Project Overview

For more than a decade, Take Time to Care (TTTC)—the major outreach initiative for the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Office of Women’s Health (OWH)—has been a leader in providing lifesaving information to women across the United States. TTTC recognizes the multiple roles of American women as family caretakers, educators, nurturers, and leaders, and provides accurate information needed by women to make healthy choices for themselves, their families, and their communities. Over the years, TTTC has become a multifaceted campaign that focuses on the dissemination of health education materials through outreach activities and collaborative partnerships, reaching more than 26 million consumers.

For this 5-year project, Insight provides support to FDA OWH’s outreach services and communication efforts to reach women and their families with important health information on FDA-regulated products and ensure progress toward meeting TTTC public health outreach goals. Insight’s efforts include:

  • Market research and analysis to support and maximize the effectiveness of OWH outreach activities
  • Adapting, developing, writing, and translating consumer publications to meet cultural and style nuances and literacy levels of target English- and Spanish-speaking audiences
  • Commercial art and graphic design services for various publication types
  • Development of Internet and social and public media outreach services
  • Focus groups and usability testing of new publications, educational materials, and Web sites developed by FDA OWH

Core Activities

Literature Review; Qualitative Research; Focus Groups; Communications; Dissemination


  • Asian-language translation updates to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Fact Sheet
  • Revised format for English- and Spanish-language versions of the Revised Birth Control Booklet
  • 508-compliant version of Dialogues on Diversity Clinical Trials White Paper
  • Script revisions for the Text4baby Video
  • Spanish-language translation of the Osteoporosis Fact Sheet
  • Spanish-language translation and design of the Contact Lens Fact Sheet
  • Literacy assessment, translation, and design/layout for the HPV Fact Sheet into Vietnamese, Bengali, Urdu, and Chamorro
  • Spanish-language translation of the Women in Clinical Trials Fact Sheet
  • Spanish-language translation of the Menopause and Hormones Fact Sheet
  • Spanish-language translation of the Dietary Supplements Fact Sheet
  • Spanish-language translation of the Sunscreens and Tanning Fact Sheet
  • Spanish-language translation of the Use Medicines Wisely brochure
  • Spanish-language translation of the Heart Health for Women Fact Sheet
  • Spanish-language translation of the Glucose Meter Fact Sheet
  • Spanish-language translation of the Tattoos and Permanent Make-Up and Cosmetics information cards