Technical and Logistical Support for the Operation of the Regional Advisory Committees (RACs)

Project Overview

Regional Advisory Committees (RACs) are groups of education stakeholders who help identify regional education needs and recommend priorities for Comprehensive Assistance Centers. For this project, Insight is providing logistical and administrative support, technology services, technical assistance, and information to support the operation of the 10 RACs. This support helps each RAC member collect feedback and provide an individual report assessing the educational needs of that member’s region. The Secretary considers the needs assessment reports in establishing FY 2017 priorities for the work of the Comprehensive Assistance Centers. The Commissioner of the National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance also considers the reports when overseeing FY 2017–2022 Regional Educational Laboratory contracts.

For this project, Insight is tasked with the following:

  • Provide an orientation that explains what purpose RACs serve and how needs assessment reports will be used.
  • Develop regional data profiles that help RAC members understand the context of education across their regions.
  • Facilitate discussions with each RAC on collecting feedback and engaging with stakeholders to identify needs.
  • Provide technical assistance to RAC members as they seek input from chief executive officers of States, chief state school officers, educators, and parents on the educational needs of each region and how to address those needs.
  • Develop data collection and reporting templates.
  • Summarize and synthesize RACs’ identified needs and recommendations.

Core Activities

Literature Reviews and Environmental Scans; Survey Design and Implementation; Survey Research; Data Collection; Qualitative Research; Technical Assistance; Data Analysis; Report Development and Presentation; Developing/Synthesizing Recommendations


  • 10 regional data profiles (July 2016)
  • Online collaborative workspace (July 2016–September 2016)
  • 10 RAC reports (October 2016)
  • Summary report on needs and recommendations of all 10 RACs (October 2016)
  • Briefing slides (October 2016)