WIC State Agency Profiles

Project Overview

Insight partnered with the National WIC Association (NWA) to automate the development of 89 state agency profiles for the annual State of WIC report. Insight designed and developed the profiles within a few weeks. The profiles display information on WIC participant characteristics; breastfeeding trends; childhood obesity rates; and mortality and birth outcomes for each state, U.S. territory, and Indian tribal organization. The profiles include data from Insight’s 2018 WIC PC report and the 2017 WIC Eligibility Estimates report.

Insight worked with NWA to design the template for automating the development of the agency profiles, structured the data from numerous data sources for populating the profiles, and created the template for producing the profiles. The profiles were produced using Tableau.


  • Template for automating the production of state agency profiles
  • Profiles for 89 state agencies