Jackson Miller

Posted on June 20, 2016 by -

Jackson has 8 years of experience supporting research and policy on educator effectiveness, with specific expertise on teacher and principal evaluation, student growth measures, educator compensation, and human capital management. He has assisted Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grantees on creating and costing alternative teacher salary structures, understanding and implementing value-added student growth measures and performance-based compensation, and designing and implementing human capital management systems.

Prior to joining Insight, Jackson was with Westat, where he provided technical assistance to TIF grantees, monitored grantee programmatic and fiscal compliance with TIF and Race to the Top regulations, and helped evaluate Illinois’s educator evaluation system. He provided technical assistance and monitoring support to TIF grantees by developing content on educator compensation, evaluation, and professional development, including papers on inter-rater agreement in observation evaluations, measuring student growth in educator evaluations, and redesigning teacher salary schedules to fairly reward teacher quality. He also designed and managed the development of Newsweek’s 2014 top 500 high school list.

Prior to working at Westat, Jackson served at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, where he created and managed the research intern program. Jackson holds an M.P.P. from Duke University.